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Blue roses is famous for it mythical and sensual pleasure for the one that own it. The name of blue roses can also been known as the “Blue Moon” or “Rhapsody in blue” and the color also is intoxicating for the people. A truly blue roses color is an amazing color and a great masterpiece. Blue roses have been put into researcher by many researchers since 1840, and blue roses also been identified as the Holy Grail for the rose breeders. The invention of blue roses attract the researchers around the world to conduct a scientific research about the blue roses. The combination of molecular into new mole cur will create a new breeds of blue roses that can be used as the new study.

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Roses have been used in many transaction for the last 5000 years, it also been used in selling and buying blue in marketplace. The merchant around the world want to sell the blue roses because of the pigment synthesis that transform the flowers to blue roses.

The new hybrid of blue roses will also help in generating new gene and provides opportunity for new research. The research also been conducted in medical and science subject in research. By developing new blue roses, it can also help the blue roses industry.

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